Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mobile: Through the Decades of Your Life

Starting with the year of your birth and moving forward every ten years, tell about a significant memory you have of that year. It can be something personal or some world event. How it affected your life in Mobile also tells a good story that can be interesting to others. If you moved from Mobile, tell us where you were and how you ended up leaving Mobile.

1955 Born at Providence Hospital. I was the 8th of ten children. Our family lived on Dauphin Street at the time. etc.....
1965 Was in 4th grade at Leinkauf Elementary school. Best friend was Susie Moosie and had Miss Crabapple for my teacher. etc....
1975 Blah blah blah and so on
1985 etc
1995 etc

Btw, no, those sentences are not really about Ole Moe. (teehee)


  1. 1946: Born May 8, 1946 on the 3rd floor of the Provicence. Would become an only child.
    1956: Living in Toulminville - attending Gorgas Elementary.
    1976: Married two years living in Morningside and working at McKesson Chemical.
    1986: Enjoying life and about to go back to work.
    1996: Working at our family run Plumbing Wholesale and living in Spanish Fort. Husband's first heat attack.
    2006: Still working and husband's second pace maker installed.
    Present: Closed business because of recession. Retired, husband has been ill since April 2010 and remains that way. I am his 24/7 caretaker. I believe in In Sickness and In Health. You make my life easier by reminding me of what a wonderful life I have had growing up in such a great place by bringing memories back of a time when life was simple, slow, innocent and eventful. Thank you - its a good thing!!!

  2. OOPS!! Left out 1966 - Out of school two years, divorced, working in the main office of Delchamps, living at Highland Terrace with two friends.